Our Story

At first, it was just an idea....

It was the idea of opening a business that could offer a serving of happiness to others. I mean, who doesn’t love something sweet, delicious and fun?

We were driving to pick up our newest pug family member when my husband told me that he had found the perfect location for our new venture.

It all began when he said, "I have a surprise for you." I asked, "Well, what is it?" He replied, "Think happy and delicious." It didn’t take me long to realize exactly what he was talking about…ice cream, of course.

Just like that, we cancelled our upcoming vacation and flew to St. Louis, MO, to attend Scoops School. Yes, there is such a place that teaches people how to start and manage your very own ice cream shop!

I had worked in the ice cream industry when I was a kid, but what I learned from my experience barely scratched the surface of everything we needed to know to build a frozen dessert business. We worked with an internationally known ice cream consultant and performed months of market research, which included traveling to various states to find the best products for our shop.

One thing that we knew from the very start is that we wanted to have something for everybody. Three Pugs Creamery is proud to offer the very best premium ice cream, soft serve, gelato and sorbet that we discovered during our search for a "scoop of happiness."

So, what’s with the name? It’s actually quite simple, not only do my husband and I share a love for ice cream; we also share a love for pugs....our little pugs, Nero, Enzo and Stipe'.

I have found that two of the sweetest things in life are ice cream and pugs!

Why People Love Us!